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Friday, 2 December 2011

Say Good Bye To Menopausal Blues With Esnatri

Most women go through a period of extreme discomfort and pain during menopause. Medically this phase menopause is defined as the transition phase when a woman's menstrual cycle is beginning to end untill the final day of the last menstrual period. This transitory period not only witnesses the diminished production of hormones and cesation of menstrual cycle but is accompanied by a whole lot of unpleasant and discomforting symptoms.

More than two third of women suffer from either moderately or severle from uncomfortable features of menopause popularly termed as menopausal blues such ashot flushes, sleep disturbances, mood swings, depression, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, back pain and decreasing bone mineral density which over time may lead to osteoporosis. Since the main reason behind these uncomfortable symtons is the reduced production of certain hormones, many women during this time undergo hormone replacement therapy to get rid of these symtoms.

Hormone replacement therapy since the time o
f its inception in 1920s has been using estrogens derived from horse urine. And this is the reason why hormone replacement therapy is considered risky as horse estrogens despite being similar to human, are not the same and thus capable of causing serious side effects including cancer.This is where natural estrogen cream comes into the picture. Esnatri or Estrogen Natural Triple as the name suggests contain the three estrogens viz, estriol, estradiol and estrone in the same ration of 90:7:3 as they exist in the body unlike most hormone replacement therapy medicines in which these hormones occur in an unatural ratio of 80:10:10.

That is why Esnatri is regarded as natural hormone therapy despite the fact that this medicine contains synthetically prepared hormone receptors. The use of the word "natural" is used to recognise the fact that Esnatri Cream contains hormones that have a biochemical structure that matches that of the hormones in the female body.

The homeopathic estrogen cream was first formulated byrenowned hormone expert Jonathan Wright MD, medical Director of the Tacoma Clinic in Kent, Washington, who has treated over two thousand women with natural hormone replacement since the early 1980's. Esnatri has thus revolutionised the world of hormone replacement therapy and has offered great relief to women suffering from menopausal blues with a much safer and potent alternative.

This estrogen cream for face has been found to lessen the appearance of wrinkles with consistent use along with other health and medicinal benefits.


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