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Monday, 12 December 2011

Look Youthful and Glowing with Retin A cream

Retin A is a wonderful anti wrinkle cream which not helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and creases but also effectively treats acne, white heads, black heads and many other skin blemishes. Retin A for wrinkles has been credited as a miracle product both by dermatologists and consumers that fairs well on its promise of delivering young and youthful looking glowing skin.

Your skin will never look so smooth and youthful with any other beauty cream as with this anti ageing cream derived from one of the best antioxidant, vitamin A for youthful appearance. Retin A for wrinkles has been observed and concluded to be the only medicine on the market that's actually proven to boost collagen production, which decreases with age.This anti wrinkle cream has been made from tretinoin popularly known as retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A. This powerful ingredient can effectively reduce wrinkles in as less time as 6 weeks to give a vibrant looking young skin. No wonder the many so called expensive anti ageing creams available in the market boast of retinoic acid the most in their long list of ingredients.

Now you must be wondering what retin A does to the skin for its vibrant and glowing appeal that is unmatchable by any other medicine or skin care product. Well in simple words and to cut the long story short, The retinoic acid present in Retin A cream acts as antioxidant which tends to boost the supply of blood to the skin.

The enhanced blood supply thereby increases the turn over of the skin cells at a much faster rate, making new cells come to surface of the skin while removing all dead skin cells. This process then gives a smooth and shinning look to the skin which is soft and silky to touch and feel.

In lesser concentrations retin A cream has been shown effective for treating acne and other skin break outs problems. While 0.5% retin A is used as an anti wrinkle cream to reduce fine lines, 0.1% of retin A cream is prescribed to treat pimples and adult acne.

For retin A to be effective, you must use it regularly on a cleansed face preferable at night time for better absorption and effect. You must avoid the eye area while applying this cream to avoid any complication or serious side effect. Always use a moisturizer along with this cream as this anti ageing cream can cause excessive dryness in many individuals.


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