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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How To Use Retin A To Treat Wrinkles

As time takes a toll on our minds and bodies making our minds more forgetful and bodies weak, our skin too responds to the ravages of time by showing those early signs of ageing in the form of fine lines, creases, wrinkles and age spots. In fact skin is the first to show the effects of age on our body. Thus to look young and energetic, other than those energy supplements you do need to take care of your skin to make it look young and beautiful for long.

Women thus are always on the look-out for products that can delay ageing and make their skin look young and radiant for long. While the market today is flooded with anti wrinkle creams and products containing myriad ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidant vitamins, green tea, copper, caffeine, soy, peptides, etc. that promise to erase those signs of ageing and make you look beautiful for years to come, one product that truly stands out true to its promise is Retin A.

Retin A is a powerful anti wrinkle cream that has been actually proven to treat wrinkles and other signs of ageing like dark spots, creases etc. in almost all of its clinical trials. While most women swear by this amazing product for their beautiful skin, almost all dermatologists prescribe retin A cream or retin A gel to their patients who are looking to have a more radiant and younger looking skin.

I know, you must be wondering that when there are so many novel and attractive anti ageing products in the market, why still there is so much hype about Retin A as an anti ageing cream. The answer is simple, Retin A works, and this is the reason why most dermatologists prescribe this product to their patients.

Unlike other anti ageing cream with lofty claims, retin A micro gel works on the deeper layers of the skin at a cellular level to increase cell turnover and provide oxygen and nourishment to the skin cells thereby making way for new healthy skin cells at the surface for an overall radiant and fresh appeal of the skin.

Moreover, retin A has also been found to affect the retention of collagen. Collagen is what gives skin its structure, firmness and elasticity. Since retin A cream is available in different strengths, you should chose the product with a concentration of 0.05% of retinoic acid to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

Retin-A should be applied sparingly to the skin's surface until it has been completely absorbed. Initially you should do this 5 times a week and thereafter about 3 times a week. Avoid any contact with the eyes.


I had no idea about the existance of this cream, and maybe this is a reason why I don't trust such products.
From what I see here, the fact that this cream affects deeper layers of the skin should be a plus comparing to other similar solutions.

Unfortunately I can't try it now because I had a botox Toronto treatment two months ago and the result is still here and I won't notice any change....but after botox will be gone I will definitely try this cream and see if it works.
Thanks a lot for the info.

Your welcome,retin a cream is a best product to treat wrinkles.i can understand that you are suffering from a treatment problem,but i think you should once use a retin a cream,i am sure it will give you a good result.

Medicinal constituents along with Retin A have shown results on collagen formation which helps in improving skin complexion.

Thank you for the comment anshuman.

Retin A has got some composition that heals wrinkles.

You can learn to use retin to reduce wrinkles. Good post
Skin Pigments

You can know how to use retin to treat srinkles. Useful post


Thanks for sharing this informative article with us. But I just want to know that from where I can get this product or is it also available online?

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