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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Energise Your Mind With Centrophenoxine

Centrophenoxine, popularly known as lucidril is a powerful smart that increases brain power and improves longevity among people. The smart drug therefore is basically used as a prescription drug to treat senile dementia, Alziemer's disease and various other age related mond conditions.

Though the exact functioning of this drug is yet not known, it has been found that centrophenoxine works by increasing and balancing the uptake of oxygen and glucose in the brain and body thereby increasing energy and overall being feeling. The energetic brain cells properly fed with glucose and oxygen then work and perform effectively to carry out the daily and also the special activities in the day.

Since Centrophenoxine has also been clinically proven to increase the production of proteins and RNA in the brain and body, it has the effect of improving memory and increasing overall brain power as an added advantage.  This is also the reason centrophenoxine is generally regarded and categorized as a nootropic drug. Nootropic is a term given to all smart drugs which have an ability to improve memory and enhance cognition through any given way.

The drug has an even better and greater effect in increasing brain power and boosting memory and other brain function when used with other drugs belonging to the category of drugs called racetams such as aniracetam, piracetam etc.

Apart from that, this wonder dug also acts as a detoxifying agent for the brain cells which overtime tend develop a build of potassium called lipfuscin in them. Centrophenoxine by cleaning out these deposits of lipofuscin in the cells of the brain and body acts as a cleaning or anti oxidant agent for them this in turn helps to improve longevity, increase brain power and rejuvenate the entire brain and body for an overall sense of health and longevity.

Centrophenoxine is thus extremely helpful for people who are looking to improve memory, increase brain power, energise their mind and improve longevity by treating conditions like age related brain damage and loss of memory, damage to brain caused by stroke or other such injury, alcohol and other drug addiction and finally for the clinical treatment of diseases such as Alziemer's.

Centrophenoxine is a completely safe medicine with zero to few side effects if any and no known toxic contraindications. The recommended dose of centrophenoxine for otherwise healthy people looking to energize their mind for better performance at work or studies is 500-1000mg daily.


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