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Friday, 8 June 2012

Centrophenoxine To Salvage Your Mind And Improve Longevity

As we age along with the decline of our physical abilities and body strength, our mental agility and sharpness too deteriorate. We find ourselves constantly troubled by forgetfulness, inability to focus and concentrate and learn new things with the same sharpness and speed as in our young age. This is called mental ageing and can happen at any age due to our individual mental condition.

The main reason behind this mental ageing and mental decline is the build of potassium and other residue called lipofuscin in the cells of our brain, heart, skin and lungs. In aged individuals, these lipofuscin levels rise to as much as 30% of the cell volume, thereby disabling the cell to perform in the similar agile and normal manner. The more lipofuscin a cell collects the less ability it has to function effectively and when the limit is reached it can cause the cell to die.

So although you might be doing your best to increase and sharpen your mind power by solving cross word puzzles, eating the right foods, doing physical exercise etc., you will find that all these efforts of yours have provided only a minimal to negligible difference in terms of increasing your mental strength and agility. Thus to actually enhance your cognition and increase your brain power you need to feed your brain with certain essential brain power drugs like centrophenoxine, which are specifically designed to improve memory and increase brain power.

Centrophenoxine has the special ability to flush out the lipofuscin deposits in your cells thereby improving longevity and performance. Centrophenoxine thus works to refresh and renergise the cells of the brain and the body thereby providing a number of therapeutic benefits, including enhancing memory and reducing muscle tension.

So, when it comes to refreshing your mind, boosting your memory and enabling your mind to perform at the same peak level as it used to do in your youth, centrophenoxine is considered as the best brain power supplement to return your mental ability and performance with perfect safety and efficacy. It is for this very reason, centrophenoxine is widely used in the treatment of senile dementia and Alzheimer’sdisease as part of other nootropic treatment drugs.

Apart from reversing the damage caused to brain cells by ageing, centrophenoxine also promotes the production of essential brain chemicals such as RNA and protein. RNA is derived from DNA in the cell nucleus, and enables neurons to form proteins. These help encode memory and repair damage to the cells of the brain. Centrophenoxine dosage depends on individual condition to be treated.

Being a nootropic drug, centrophenoxine side effects are none to very few. These include insomnia, irritability, hyperexcitability, agitation or restlessness.


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