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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Guard Against Estrogen Extremes

Dim-pro has the ability to cancel out surging estrogen meaning there is better harmony and balance. Dim pro has the ability to guard against the current occurrence of rising estrogen levels in the world that leak into the food chain. These leakages can consist of pesticides, plastics, contraceptives and today’s manufacturing processes. Although Dim Pro does not perform like an estrogen blocker such as Femara and Arimidex, neither does it perform in a similar way to testosterone boosters (test boosters). Estrogen blockers lower estrogen levels. Dim Pro has the ability to effectively return the body’s equilibrium to a potent estrogen detoxifier.

The likes of test boosters, estrogen blockers, estrogen blockers in men, dim capsules, dim pro estrogen, dim estrogen blockers and a whole host of other terms have been much talked about. High estrogen levels can affect both women and men equally. Increasing exposure to estrogen can lower sperm count in men along with enhancing the risk of cancer for both genders in particular prostate and cervical cancers.

The journey into dim pro estrogen also helps to clear a small number of misconceptions mainly how estrogen is a sex hormone only discovered in females. Even though estrogen is essential to the female reproductive system and female characteristics, it can also play a role in male physiology. In actual fact a male aged 59 can in fact have more estrogen in the body than a female aged 54 years old. A type of estrogen known as estradiol can even perform as an age increasing bio maker in males. Having this in mind makes it obvious that Dim Pro and Dim capsules can aid restoration of balance in both males and females. It includes an advanced formula that stabilizes the estrogen in the body. It raises them amount of good estrogen and lowers the level of bad carcinogenic estrogens

In the 1920s since the growth of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) estrogens taken from horse urine as a more natural alternative were considered pricey to synthesize. Esnatri is a new estrogen cream that provides a more natural alternative. As a triple estrogen cream Esnatri can be used by women on a daily basis giving them the confidence that they have picked the best homeopathic estrogen cream currently available.
Esnatri is a triple estrogen cream which closely copies the body’s hormones. Esnatri is an estrogen cream that is easy to use and holds no side effects that are linked with the more conventional treatments.


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