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Monday, 26 December 2011

How To Get Rid Of Depression With Stablon

While we all at some point of our lifetime suffer from depression or some depressive phase, depression is a frequent phenomenon or a chronic disorder in certain individuals especially the elderly. This type of depression which lasts for more than three months is termed as clinical depression in medical science. And this type of depression can only be treated with the help of prescription and over the counter medicines.

As more and more people due given the highly stressful environment we live in today are falling a prey to depression and depressive thinking, more and more anti depressant medicines of different types are flooding the market shelves to cater to this rising demand. While these anti depressants do work in treating depression and curing the person of depressive thoughts and behavior, most of these medicines have serious side effects.

Developed by Servier Laboratoires in France, Stablon also known as Tianeptine is truly unique and and effective anti depressant medication which is completely devoid of any adverse effects generally associated with anti depressant medicines. So while stablon provides all the benefits of an anti depressant medication like Prozac and paxil, it does not cause any serious side effects like side effects the loss of libido, drowsiness and weight gain etc. generally associated with these above mentioned medicines.

The main reason behind this is that unlike the conventional anti depressants which maximize the serotonin levels by blocking uptake, Stablon is an anti depressant which increases the body's uptake or absorption of this important neurotransmitter to increase energy and elevate mood while not harming or interfering with body's other processes.

Thus in a way stablon does just the opposite of what conventional anti depressant do to the body to cure depression. So while drugs like Prozac and Paxil keep serotonin in the system and discourage the body to uptake the important neurotransmitter, stablon does exactly the reverse and stimulates the body to take serotonin out of the system. The aim behind the process is to reduce the body's brain and hormonal response to stress.

So if you are considering to take some anti depressant medication to get rid of your depression or depressed phase, we recommend you take stablon. Not only will stablon motivate your thinking and calm your mind but will also help you get rid all kinds of depression including depression linked to old age and alcoholism.

The recommended dosage is one tablet three times a day taken before each meal. However, elderly patients are advised to take a lower dose. Mild and rare side effects include abdominal pain, dry mouth, loss of appetite, vomiting, flatulence, insomnia, and drowsiness.


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