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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nadh Increases Energy Levels

Amidst this kerfuffle, you are trying to find the keys of the house. You remember keeping it at the table, but now they are suddenly not there. You are trying to recall the last time when you used it but just cannot find it. If this is a regular phenomenon, then you are suffering with the memory problems, lack of concentration, and mental focus. Aging leads to decay of cells which in turn give birth to various problems. Our body is made of plethora of cells. It is important to infuse these cells with proper energy and care in order to keep them alive. To offset the ill effects of aging, there should be production of NADH- naturally occurring substances, in body.

NADH is imperative for production of energy in cells. This is because it is the principal carrier electron in energy producing process in the cells. Human body produces energy when hydrogen and oxygen react together to form energy and water. NADH is the biological form of hydrogen present in body and oxygen comes in the form of air we breathe. The energy produced from this reaction is stored inside the body in the form of ATP. NADH is found in both animals and plants as it gets through the system through the food intake. Foods like carbohydrates, proteins, fats are broken down into smaller molecules such as Amino acids, sugar, and lipids. Food items like raw meat, fish are a rich source of NADH. Among animals and plants, animal cells contain higher traces of NADH. Similarly, vegetables and fruits contain lower quantities of NADH than found in meat or fish.

Vegetarians need to take proper supplements in order to increase energy levels as they may develop NADH deficiency over time that ultimately leads to ATP depletion causing death of cells. Scientists have found NADH to be the most powerful antioxidant present in the body. It regenerates other important antioxidants in body that help in preventing radical attacks in the body. Scientists have discovered the importance of NADH over the years. They are trying to devise supplements and diet rich in NADH. The challenge with this is that it is a very sensitive substance as it tends to degrade as it gets in contact with humidity, temperature, and lactose.

Dr. Birkmayer is a pioneer in this field. He was the first to discover the importance of NADH in cell development. He has devised potent NADH supplements that create ATP energy in the body. The dosage should be limited to 10mg two to three times a day.


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