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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Revitalize Your Mind And Memory With Piracetam Nootropil

Piracetam nootropil is the first nootropic drug discovered and formulated in 1964 by scientists at the Belgian pharmaceutical company UCB led by Dr Corneliu E. Giurgea. It was observed that this potent substance was effective in improving memory, increasing energy, enhancing cognition and attention in both the elderly and otherwise healthy young adults. 
Moreover, it was also noted that this wonderfuul cognitive enhancer was potentially devoid of any toxcity, adverse effects and contraindications with other drugs. This brilliant discovery made piracetam nootropil established as a nootropic drug to be useful and beneficial in the treatment of memory loss, age related memory decline and lack of concentration etc. generally observed in people suffering from dementia, alzhiemer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, stroke victims and alcoholics. 

Nootropic is a greek word which means, ‘acting on the mind’. Piracetam thus works on the central nervous system of the mind by stimulating the nerves present their along with strengthening the corpus callosum of the brain which is responsible for effective communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. 

It is this piracetam’s positive effect on the corpus callosum of the brain that seperates it from other cognitive enhancers. While both nootropic drugs and cogniotive enhancers are used to improve memory, enhance cognition, increase vigilence and concentration, piracetam along with other nootropics does much beyond that by stimulating the area linking the two sides of the mind. 

This makes piracetam extremely useful in treating disorders such as dyslexia, alcoholism, ishemia etc. along with helping many stroke victims recover from the trauma and benefiting creative and brainy individuals accompolish much more in their challenging fields and career by taking piracetam nootropil as a supplement. 

Along with helping to treat the above mentioned disorders and conditions, piracetam has been found to be useful as a long-term treatment for clotting, coagulation, and vasospastic disorders such as Raynaud's phenomenon and deep-vein thrombosis. Since piracetam tends to brighten the mood by increasing the glucose uptake of the brain cells and stimulating brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, it is also used as an anti depressant by many individuals. 

Since this smart drug has very few to none side effects, piracetam nootropil can be taken by anyone looking to revitalize one’s mind or memory. However, regarding the correct dosage as per one’s particular need and condition, one must consult a doctor and take this medicine under medical guidance.


Piracetam is nootropic agent. An effect on metabolism has been shown in man indicating improved oxygen utilisation. NOOTROPIL has a low toxicity and has no stimulating, sedative or neurovegitative activities. Piracetam has been used with varying effect in the following conditions and could influence them favorably, although no convincing proof of efficacy has been submitted.


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