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Thyroid Hormones

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In recent times the discovery that the telomerase enzyme can lengthen telomeres has caused a great buzz in the antiaging and medical fraternity.........READ MORE

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

7 Easy to Digest Foods

When your system needs a detox, try these simply cooked and easy to digest foods.

Erratic lifestyles that each one of us live today result in excessive consumption of junk  food. After a point, our system stops accepting such food and demands simply cooked and easy to digest food. Let us look at some such food we can include in our diet.


One of the most basic, and something that each one of us enjoy eating are different types of fruits available in the market. Being low in fiber, fruits are considered to be light for the system as they digest easily. Apples, melons, papaya, mangoes, strawberries are not only low in fat but also give us the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Another food that is absolutely easy to digest is rice, which contains a simple form of carbohydrates. Hence you must consume a plain, liquid rice preparation when the stomach feels upset or uneasy.


For all you non-vegetarians, chicken can be your choice when you need to eat food that can be digested simply. It is known to relieve the stomach when consumed in its boiled form.


Any form of vegetable soup is considered to be an easy to digest food. They provide essential nutrients that your body requires and hence it is highly recommended to consume the soup of your choice especially when you have an irritated stomach.


The bacterium present in yogurt is what makes it an easy to digest food. It is known to be healthy for the overall digestive system as well as improves the immunity levels of the body.

 Leafy Vegetables

Cabbage, spinach and other green leafy vegetables facilitate the flushing out of foodstuffs that do not digest properly in the system. The rich nutrients present in these vegetables are essential for the body and also aid the weight loss process.


Another savior that can be consumed during an upset stomach is oats, which are an excellent source of fiber that are known to relax an upset stomach. Also, its low cholesterol level makes it a perfect choice as a health food.

Making the right choice of food while suffering from any sort of stomach or digestive problem is an absolutely necessity. Your digestive systems needs a desperate break from the over dose of junk food and hence, consumption of healthy and easy to digest food is crucial.


Friday, 8 June 2012

Centrophenoxine To Salvage Your Mind And Improve Longevity

As we age along with the decline of our physical abilities and body strength, our mental agility and sharpness too deteriorate. We find ourselves constantly troubled by forgetfulness, inability to focus and concentrate and learn new things with the same sharpness and speed as in our young age. This is called mental ageing and can happen at any age due to our individual mental condition.

The main reason behind this mental ageing and mental decline is the build of potassium and other residue called lipofuscin in the cells of our brain, heart, skin and lungs. In aged individuals, these lipofuscin levels rise to as much as 30% of the cell volume, thereby disabling the cell to perform in the similar agile and normal manner. The more lipofuscin a cell collects the less ability it has to function effectively and when the limit is reached it can cause the cell to die.

So although you might be doing your best to increase and sharpen your mind power by solving cross word puzzles, eating the right foods, doing physical exercise etc., you will find that all these efforts of yours have provided only a minimal to negligible difference in terms of increasing your mental strength and agility. Thus to actually enhance your cognition and increase your brain power you need to feed your brain with certain essential brain power drugs like centrophenoxine, which are specifically designed to improve memory and increase brain power.

Centrophenoxine has the special ability to flush out the lipofuscin deposits in your cells thereby improving longevity and performance. Centrophenoxine thus works to refresh and renergise the cells of the brain and the body thereby providing a number of therapeutic benefits, including enhancing memory and reducing muscle tension.

So, when it comes to refreshing your mind, boosting your memory and enabling your mind to perform at the same peak level as it used to do in your youth, centrophenoxine is considered as the best brain power supplement to return your mental ability and performance with perfect safety and efficacy. It is for this very reason, centrophenoxine is widely used in the treatment of senile dementia and Alzheimer’sdisease as part of other nootropic treatment drugs.

Apart from reversing the damage caused to brain cells by ageing, centrophenoxine also promotes the production of essential brain chemicals such as RNA and protein. RNA is derived from DNA in the cell nucleus, and enables neurons to form proteins. These help encode memory and repair damage to the cells of the brain. Centrophenoxine dosage depends on individual condition to be treated.

Being a nootropic drug, centrophenoxine side effects are none to very few. These include insomnia, irritability, hyperexcitability, agitation or restlessness.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Basic Skincare Routine We Should All Be Following

Does your skin have a mind of it’s own? Does it behave well one day and look dull on another? Maybe you’re not following the basics steps of skin care. Read on to learn what you should be doing.

Who doesn’t want healthy, glowing skin? While some people are blessed with flawless skin, most of us go to great lengths to try and get that natural glow. But before you go running to try some expensive new cream or revolutionary procedure, have you considered your basic skincare routine?
Retin a for wrinkles

The most basic skincare routine

Ask any skincare expert and they’ll stress on first getting the basics right. So simple as it may sound, we thought we’d give you a step-by-step breakdown of what your basic skincare routine should be.

The most basic of the basic skincare routine – cleansing! The biggest mistake most of us make in this step is that we either under-cleanse or over-cleanse. Experts suggest that for those with normal skin, cleansing your face twice a day is optimum – once in the morning and once at night, before going to bed. The latter is especially important, as you want to get rid of the day’s grime and any make up or lotions that you may have had on.

Remember to find a good soap-free cleanser for your skin and avoid very cold or very hot water to wash your face.

Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead skin cells from the top of the skin. While some skin experts believe that too much exfoliation is bad for the skin, as it can strip away essential oils, most believe that exfoliating once a week is a good practice.

Find a scrub that suits your skin and use just a little bit once a week to clear dead cells and hidden impurities. If you prefer to go natural, you could even try making some home made scrubs and gently exfoliate for natural, glowing skin.

Check out these simple recipes for home made scrubs.

A toner is a liquid that helps to close the pores on your skin, to avoid attracting dirt and to give your skin a tighter, firmer look. Many women swear by this step and almost every major cosmetic brand makes a toner.

However, there are experts who believe that toners should be strictly optional. Try using a toner for a few days and decide for yourself if you want to add it to your skincare routine or not.

No ambiguity here – moisturising your skin is an absolutely essential step of your skincare regimen. Depending on your skin type – dry, normal or oily – find a moisturiser that works for you. Typically, people with very dry skin should go in for a creamy mosturiser and those with oily skin could get a water-based one. For your day needs, get a moisturiser with an SPF or Sun Protection Factor, as that can double up as a sunscreen as well.

Also remember to moisturise at night, after you’ve thoroughly cleansed your face. Skip the sunscreen at night though, and just allow your skin to breathe.


Armour Thyroid To Say Good Bye To Hypothyroidism And Lose Weight Quickly

If you have been trying to lose weight for quite some time but have got no success so far, chances are your excess weight is not the result of diet and life style alone but is a symptom of some underlying condition of the body like hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a serious condition of the thyroid gland, in which the thyroid gland produces too less thyroid hormones to metabolize the food properly.
As a result, it becomes difficult for the individual to lose weight despite all efforts in diet control and exercise. Weight gain is in fact just one symptom among a host of other symptoms and conditions of the underactive thyroid gland such as constant fatigue, lethargy, sensitivity to extreme temperatures, dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss etc. So if you feel your weight gain is accompanied by these symptoms, you are most likely to have hypothyroidism, for which you must seek treatment.
While there are a lot of treatment options available for the treatment of hypothyroidism, most of these are synthetic thyroid hormones like synthroid etc. The down-side of these synthetic thyroid medicines are that not only these are made from synthetic hormones but also contain only one thyroid hormone, T4.Armourthyroid as opposed to these synthetic thyroid hormone supplements is a natural thyroid supplement and offers a complete cure.

Armour thyroid on the other hand is made from dessicated pig thyroid and contains both T4 and T3 and thus offers complete, safe and natural cure for hypothyroidism. There are people who take armour thyroid without a prescription believing it to be completely safe and natural, which is not good. No matter how natural and safe a medicine is, one must never take a medication without prescription.
This is especially true for hormone supplements like armour thyroid etc. as in the case of hormone supplements what works for individual, may not work for the other. So while some may find armour thyroid as the best medicine to lose weight easily and get rid of hypothyroidism, others may find the synthetic option the better. There is now another synthetic option available called cytomel, which contains the hormone T3 to make up for the loss in previous synthetic thyroid preparations.
So if you ask, can I take cytomel and armour thyroid together? The answer is no. While cytomel can be combined with synthroid, it cannot be taken with armour thyroid as armour thyroid already contains both T3 and T4 and taking these medicines would create a hormonal imbalance.
Similarly, to be on the safer side armour thyroid and birth control pills together should also not be taken.
Armour thyroid dosage depends on individual condition to be treated. Therefore consult your doctor for correct dosage as per your particular condition.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hydergine To Treat Progressive Brain Aging, Depression And Depression

Depression and dementia are common complaints in older adults. They are often found fretting over a forgotten phone number, misplaced keys and going blank over some reference. While these may seem common and harmless complaints, frequent forgetfulness is sign of some serious mental decline which should not be ignored and overlooked.

Now you must be thinking, why are often elderly given to lonliness, depression, forgetfulness and lack of focus. Well the answer lies in the ageing of their brain or the mind. Overtime, along with the physiological changes a person experiences glitches of the brain resulting from reduction in certain brain chemicals and neurons. This causes slowing of the mental processes often termed as mental aging or mental decline.

While the age related memory lapses and lack of awareness is normal and accepted, dementia and depression are not normal and must be a cause of concern. When the common forgetfulness gives way to disabling condition and inability to perform one’s daily activity effectively and efficiently, it’s a sign of dementia.

Dementia often termed as alzheimer’s disease is a serious and fatal mental condition which requires proper treatment with the help of brain power drugs or increase memory capsules specially designed to treat alzhiemer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, depression and other serious forms of mental decline in elderly people.

Hydergine is one such brain power supplement that can effectively reduce the effects of dementia and depression in older adults. Categorized as a smart drug, hydergine works on the simple principle of increasing blood to the brain. By increasing the amount of blood flowing to the brain and stimulating blood circulation, hydergine not only helps in increasing the amount of oxygen flow to the brain cells but also help in maintaining the balance of oxygen in the brain.

Proper oxygen balance is extremely vital to the brain cell health. Any increase or decrease in this balance can result in free radical damage and a condition called hypoxia in which brain cell die in large number to lack of oxygen. Thus hydergine for mountain climbing plays a very crucial role as mountaineers generally encounter a lack of oxygen in the air as they climb up the higher altitudes.

Hydergine for mountain climbing saves mountaineers from hypoxia, a fatal condition of the mind. Apart from this as hydergine is known to stimulate the mind and increase dopamine production, it helps in treating depression. Hydergine and piracetam for depression are two key drugs which are really effective.

Being a nootropic or a smart drug, hydergine side effects are none and it is free from any toxicity or contraindications. However for hydergine dosage, you must consult your doctor for your particular condition.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Retin A To Become Beautiful And Young Again

If you have always suffered from skin troubles like acne, pimples, blemishes, fine lines, back heads, white heads and dark spots, need not worry any more. Retin A in the form of either gel or cream can do wonders for any skin condition making the skin look young, radiant and beautiful. Dertmatologists all over the world swear by retin A when it comes to fighting either pimples or wrinkles. Infact, retin A is the most effective anti ageing cream available today.

Though retin A was originally formulated for the treatment of acne and other such conditions, but overtime consistent use of this cream proved to be effective in treating fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and age spots as well. Retin A is nothing but a derivative of vitamin A and is also known by the trade name tretinoin or isotretinoin.

In this age of today when so much importance is attached to one’s looks and appearance it becomes imperative to look youthful and gorgeous in all areas of life. No wonder, women are scared of aging and looking old. Ironically, the higle strssful and polluted environment in which we live in intensify the ageing process making us look old and dull at an early age. Sun exposure too takes a toll on our skin making it look wriknled and dull.

So when it comes to looking gorgeous and young, proper diet along with a good skin care regimen plays a very important role. And now when the cosmetic industry along with medical science have manufactured so many wonderful products and ingredients, beautiful skin is no more a distant dream and anyone can have wonderful looking skin without shedding hefty amounts on expensive and invasive procedures like lasers, lifting, peels and microdermabrasion by simply applying retin A micro gel in the night relegiously.

Retin A cream is the most effective antiwrinkle cream that works at the cellular level to stimulate collagen production in the facial skin. It helps improve blood circulation at the face level, supplying the skin with the vitamins and oxygen level it needs to ensure new and rapid skin cell renewal. Obviously the results will not show over night, it will take a while until any results will show but it will be worth it in the long run.

However, while using Retin A cream or retin A micro gel certain precautions must be taken. Since retin A can make the skin sensitive to sun burns, make sure you apply the cream in the night and use a good sun block or sunscreen during day time. Always apply the cream or micro gel on cleansed skin.

Just like any other skin treatment Retin-A too can have side effects. These side effects usually last a few days and include redness, itching, stinging and skin drying. To avoid over drying your skin it is best to use an intensive moisturizer cream after washing your face. So girls, get ready to have gorgeous younger looking skin with Retin A.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Piracetam To Energise The Mind And Refresh Memory

Recall feelings of being in the flow and imagine and experience the state when you have the control over things and events, when you complete things on time and still have energy for more, where your thought processes are clear, your senses heightened and everything else goes right in your world. Does all this sound distant or things of past life to you?

If your answer is yes, you need to supplement your diet with some brain boosting diet or supplement.  You can now enhance your cognition, improve your memory, and increase your intelligence using Piracetam, a breakthrough in mind power drugs.

Today more and more people of all ages are showing a growing desire to reap the benefits of improved mental functioning attained with the help of nootropics or smart drugs. The increased competiveness both during studies and at workplace, there is a desire to know more and perform more in order to get ahead.

However, there is a limit to which we can use our mental capacities and potential. Junk food diet, smoking, drinking, use of recreational drugs, stress, pollutants and normal ageing all takes a toll on are cognitive function.

And as the brain ages or gets damaged, brain cells are less able to secrete chemicals called neurotransmitters, needed to transmit electrical signals. These lower levels of neurotransmitters or other brain chemicals inhibits the encoding of memory and retards recall function.

Piracetam is also thought to be an antioxidant which lessons the damage caused by free radicals to the brain and acts as stimulant of the brain metabolism, helping the smooth flow of information throughout the brain.

Since our diets to not provide the adequate amount of neurotransmitters required for optimal mental functioning, we need to take smart drugs like Piracetam to wake up our brain. Piracetam enhances cognition under conditions of hypoxia (too little oxygen), and also improves memory and some kinds of learning in normal humans.

The mind drug, Piracetam is used to treat alcoholism, stroke, vertigo, senile dementia, sickle-cell anemia, dyslexia, and numerous other health problems. Piracetam may increase the effects of certain drugs, such as amphetamines, psychotropics, and Hydergine, as stated. Adverse effects are rare but include insomnia, psychomotor agitation, nausea, gastrointestinal distress, and headaches.

Piracetam has virtually no known toxicity or contraindications. Piracetam is supplied in 400mg or 800mg capsules or tablets. The usual dose is 2400 to 4800 mg per day in three divided doses. The real drug takes up to an hour to work and be felt by the user.

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